World Record Bluegill

World record bluegill is 4 lbs. 12 ounces from 1950 in Alabama Caught by T.S. Hudson


illinois state record bluegill

Illinois state record bluegill 3# 8oz
13.75 inches
Date: May 10, 1987
County: Jasper

There are a lot of examples of some really big bluegill. There are no pictures of the actual world record bluegill that I am aware of. Since you came to this page expecting to see a huge bluegill, I have posted the picture of the Illinois state record caught in 1987 weighing in at 3 lbs.  8 oz. This bluegill is nearly a full pound lighter than the all tackle bluegill record of 4 lbs. 12 oz.

There is no greater past time than sitting around a campfire with a sizzling “catch of the day” charring on it, the aroma permeating the campsite and tempting all of those around to come and join in on the story, or at least be part of the captive audience. (which is what fishing stories are all about anyway.) They date back generations- and if you notice, each time the story is retold, the fish gets bigger, weighs more, the weather is worse, and the chance of survival, rather than a leisurely fishing expedition, become a scene out of The Perfect Storm or Catfish, with the actors changing roles depending who is in the audience that evening.) But, it’s a rite of passage for most, trickling down from generation to generation- the stuff of which good memories are made.



Massive red ear sunfish from Lake Havasu

5.55 pound Red Ear sunfish from Lake Havasu Arizona


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