What is The Best Bait for Bluegills?

After the past almost 40 years of fishing for bluegill, and trying every bait imaginable…I have no doubt about the best bait for catching bluegill on a daily basis. In this article, I’m going to focus on exclusively live bait. There are endless amounts of artificial baits, but I’ll save them for another article.

The Best Live Bait for Bluegill

Nightcrawlers are the best bait for bluegillI’ll just get right down to business. After years of trying minnows, wax worms, mousies, wigglers, spikes and every other live bait imaginable. The best bait for bluegill fishing is the one you’re most likely to find in most gas stations. Nightcrawlers and worms are by far the most effective bait known to mankind for bluegill. If you are fishing for crappie, perch or other panfish, there are better options….But for bluegill, worms take the cake!

Whether you are using leaf worms or breaking up a nightcrawler into hook sized pieces, you’ll find that the fish seem to like them both equally. For finicky bluegill, a leaf worm on a small hook will wiggle and twist like crazy making it an irresistible target for bluegill. Most fish will just as likely eat a small piece of nightcrawler placed on a hook. Just put it on there enough to cover most of the hook from view and you should be in business!

Perhaps one of the best ways to secure a large supply of worms and nightcrawlers is to raise your own (Learn how to raise your own nightcrawlers here). If you aren’t going to fish enough to do that, the beauty of nighcrawlers is that they are widely available and can be purchased for about 2$ a dozen just about anywhere.

Other Good Live Baits for Bluegill

If crawlers or leafworms aren’t available, there are other options for you. I would say in second place would be crickets and grass hoppers. Another pretty good option are waxworms. Fortunately bluegill aren’t picky, so if you have to make do with hot dogs or bread, even those will work in a pinch!

Bottom line: The best bait for bluegill is probably what you were planning to use anyway, the trusty worm and nightcrawler!

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