Cane Pole Fishing For Panfish Advantages

Using the Cane Pole for Bluegill and Crappie Fishing

Cane Pole Fishing

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If you were to go into a sporting goods store you would find a plethora of high end rods and reels that can effectively be used for fishing for bluegill and other panfish. As a matter of fact you could likely spend hundreds of dollars on a ultralight fishing outfit that could empty many bank accounts in a hurry. But what if you are on a tight budget and want to fish on the cheap, or you just want to keep it very simple? Well in that case cane pole fishing might be for you.

Advantages to Cane Pole Fishing

  • Cost: Cane poles for fishing are extremely inexpensive! You can buy cane poles for under 5$, the longer you want the more expensive they become. However they are all fairly cheap.
  • Simple and tangle free: Cane poles for fishing are about the simplest method on earth for fishing. There are no reels or excess line to worry about tangling. If you were to take a few kids out who had never fished before this method seems to be the best.
  • Accurate placement of your hook and bait into an exact spot at close range: Sometimes it seems its harder for people to accurately cast at short distances. I see it every day as a fishing guide, I will tell people to cast 10 feet away and they will almost always cast 30 feet. If the fish are close then you don’t need to cast any further. So dropping a bait in the exact location is really easy with the cane pole fishing method. Bluegill fishing is one time where you can really get into close proximity of fish without spooking them.

Rigging a Cane Pole for Fishing

The rigging involved in setting up a cane pole is so simple that anyone could pull it off.

  1. Tie the line to the loop on the tip of the rod
  2. Set a bobber to the desired depth
  3. Tie on the hook
  4. Bait the hook
  5. Start catching bluegill and crappie

Taking Kids Fishing with the Cane Pole

If I were taking out a bunch of new kids this would be a great method to use because of the low cost involved in start up and the tangle Cane Pole Fishing for Bluegill quantity will be much lower when there is no casting involved. Little kids tend to want to cast as far as possible, so a small rod and reel being swung at 90 miles per hour is sure to equate to tangles and flailing fishhooks.

Simple and Effective Design of the Cane Pole

To land a fish with the cane pole all you have to do is lift the rod. If you have 10 feet of line on a 10′ cane pole your fish will be delivered right to you when you lift the rod vertical. This is so easy

What are some Potential Disadvantages to Cane Pole Fishing?

There are a few times when cane pole fishing might not be the best method. Sometimes you will just need to use a conventional rod and reel for your fishing trip, here are some occasions when you might opt to not use the cane pole.

  • If you are targeting larger fish that will need a drag system on a reel to be landed.
  • If you need to cast to spooky fish that will not tolerate you being only 10-20 feet away.
  • You will be limited to fairly shallow water with most cane poles, because they simply don’t have enough line on them to get deep.


Cane pole fishing is so simple cheap and effective for bluegill fishing that you would be hard pressed to find a less expensive way to get lots of fisherman on the water for cheap. You can carefully and accurately place your bait right in front of the fish for quick easy catches. If you have never tried the cane pole fishing method I highly recommend you do so.

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