Best Bluegill and Panfish Rods

My Top Choices For Panfish and Bluegill Rods

Bluegill and panfish ultralight rods

Picture by: Nic Mcphee

I have a lot of rods for panfish that I really enjoy using, but I surely like some more than others. Throughout the years of my fishing career, I have used rods from nearly every brand on the market. Here is a list of my personal favorites. You won’t find any ugly sticks on this list; because the only way to feel the bluegill and crappie hit, is by using a rod that has some sort of sensitivity. Through over a decade of working in sporting goods stores, I understand that more people buy ugly sticks than any other rod; Perhaps because they don’t break, or maybe it is just what they think is best because all of their friends use them. If you want the ultimate lightweight rod with extreme sensitivity, you should choose one of the options below. I could probably write for days about this subject, but I will keep it short with 3 of my favorites

I prefer to use longer rods for more casting distance, more protection for your light lines and most importantly, just a little extra length for those quality hooksets. In my opinion always opt for longer rods, unless you are going to be fishing in tight quarters on a trout stream or you simply have a preference for shorter rods for whatever reason.

Falcon HD Spinning Rod (Cost: About-$59.99)

The choices that make a great panfish rod made by this company include:

  • 4’6″ Ultralight
  • 5′ Ultralight Action
  • 6′ Light Action

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Both of these rods would work very well and feel like a dream while clutched in your hand, but of the two options mentioned here I would opt for the 6′ light. My reason being that this rod has a little more crisp action for getting the hook set in those bull bluegills, but also you can use this rod for bass fishing as well. Sure, it’s a little light for Texas rigging applications, but trust me you will find a lot of uses for this beauty. If you are dead set on ultralight rods, the 5 footer would be able to hook tons of bluegill and could handle your local brook trout, but I would leave it home for bass fishing trips. The bottom line here is they are both exceptional panfish rods and you can barely even tell they are in your hand while in use. If you fish for crappie frequently, you should probably opt for the ultralight to prevent tearing their thin mouths on hooksets and during fights.

Fenwick HMX Ultralight Spinning Rod (Cost: around $73.00)

These rods have been around forever, with only a few small changes. These HMX Fenwick’s make the perfect bluegill rod in my opinion. They are lightweight, super sensitive and feel really good in your hand. They have an odd shaped cork handle these days, but it only adds to the great feel and sensitivity to these fine pieces of equipment. If an ugly stick fisherman were to spend a day bouncing small bluegill jigs in deep water with this rod, chances are he would send his ugly sticks directly into the trash can..
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 G-Loomis IMX Trout and Panfish Rod (Cost: Approx- $209)

If you could cut a slice of fishing heaven and place it in your hand, it would probably feel just like this rod does. I have been a big fan of all IMX Loomis rods for as long as I can remember. During my days of tournament bass fishing I had a whole boat full of them. These days I only have a couple and the SR6010 IMX G-Loomis is one of them. This rod is perfect for all panfish, it also features 7′ length which I absolutely adore. If you want to feel fish breathing in the vicinity of your bait, this rod might be the last one you ever own. G-loomis also has a tremendous warranty, so it really could be the last bluegill rod you ever buy.
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